Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blood Elf Engineer - Blizzard Student Art Contest 2013 Character

Gonna lock down and hurt myself through this Blizzard Art Contest during the duration of my Winter Break before I get back to work on Core Overload.

[EDIT: Massive idea shift] My idea is just doing a NPC Blood Elf Engineer who relies on reappropriating arcane/fel/etc magic to power equipment (guns, cannon, etc) due to a lack of aptitude with magic. Specifically, this Blood Elf is adventuring in Pandaria.

Max 6000 triangles
1024 Diffuse texture

Intended WorkFlow 
Concept > Rough sculpt Zbrush > Retopo and create base sculpt mesh > Sculpt High Poly > Retopologize for Final Mesh > UV/Texture


Progress on the rough sculpt. Not entirely sure if I'm doig this right, but the next step after completion would be to retopologize for a cleaner high poly. Or straight into low poly if I lose time.