Friday, February 15, 2013

Felspar Agaricus Thumbnails 2a

More refined thumbnails based on critiques/suggestions I've gotten.

Gonna push out a couple more if I have the drive, but no guarantee.  Idea feels fairly fleshed out in my head in terms of the general focus of the character, a lot of it seems to be just determining specific details.

==Self-reflection / Critique:==
- I'm still gravitating to the look of 1, though I don't feel like it gives a good enough silhouette as with 2 or 3.
- 4 I'm digging, but it feels too Western-y.
- Definitely want to incoproate Scottish garb for the pants/bottom tunic, etc.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Open to critique.

Making slow progress. Uncofident progress, but progress.

Notes to self and self critique:

- That left arm is still off.
- I am definitely not confident about what hue I need to be slapping on the trees.
- going to have to deal with competing light sources from the wings and the background will become difficult.
- Still unstaisfied with the ground, but I don't think the value in the fore can be changed at alll.
- Pushing the original gold towards the cooler end of the hues was a significant step I made. Slowly gaining confidence on how to control my colors more. It's okay if the gold doesn't look EXPLICITLY yellow-orange.